H4 EAD pending - Alternatives to keep the job?

(Prithwish ) #1

My colleagues spouse H4 EAD is still pending. Her work authorization expires on 15th June and its been 54 days , her case is showing received in USCIS . H1 is approved .

Question : Can they reach out to USCIS or the local congressman, explaining the situation and if they can get a letter somehow stating that his spouse can be allowed to work till the time her H4 EAD is pending?
Basically, any alternative to keep the job in case EAD doesnt get approved before 15th June?

(Anil Gupta) #2

The rule and law is same for everyone. H4 EAD cannot work if the new card is not approved and current one expires.

There is no way to contact USCIS for the kind of request that you are talking about as far as i know.