H4 EAD pending - Alternatives to keep the job?

My colleagues spouse H4 EAD is still pending. Her work authorization expires on 15th June and its been 54 days , her case is showing received in USCIS . H1 is approved .

Question : Can they reach out to USCIS or the local congressman, explaining the situation and if they can get a letter somehow stating that his spouse can be allowed to work till the time her H4 EAD is pending?
Basically, any alternative to keep the job in case EAD doesnt get approved before 15th June?

The rule and law is same for everyone. H4 EAD cannot work if the new card is not approved and current one expires.

There is no way to contact USCIS for the kind of request that you are talking about as far as i know.

I submitted my H4EAD extension in April which will expire on sep 28th and till now it didn’t get approved. I gave my finger prints in May and my name was misspelled in the form but my lawyer confirmed that the application we submitted had correct spell. So we requested to correct the spell.
I will loose my job if I don’t get the card in or before 28th can you suggest me what can I do here, is there a way to check my case status?
How soon can I get the card?

Website says that “we updated your name for extension on April 18th”
My spouse already got his H1 extension till 2021.

Hi @0304

You can try filing the EAD expedite request or join the RN law H4 EAD litigation.

Those are the only two viable options at this time. I still feel that your EAD approval should be on the way pretty soon as you filed in April 2019.

Can we track EAD process( which date )request usics processing
My H4 and H4 EAD expires in 28th sep can I stay in US after that or should I leave the country.

Hi @0304

You can stay in US as long as you have filed H4 extension before i94 expiry and your decision is pending with USCIS.

I am planning to go to India when my h4 and EAD extension are in progress( which I applied in April and I am still waiting for approval) and heard the if I travel to India now I will have to reapply for EAD extension when I am back As this extension which I applied in April will be canceled as I am out of country
Can you confirm if it’s true, can I travel to India and come back to US when I get my approvals?

Hi @0304

I have covered the risks of travel while H4 and EAD are pending here.

Hi Anil,

Could you please advice on my h4 EAD expedite situation?

I filed h4 extension along with h1b extension and the details are as below.

H1B status : Filed on July 11 and it went to RFE and then got approved on Sep 15
H4 Extension : Filed on July 11 and the current status is fingerprint completed as on July 26
H4 EAD renewal : Filed on Sep 19th and the status is case received
Current EAD expiration : March 4th 2020

In the mean time, I have to go to India and got H4 visa stamped, and returned to US. I raised expedite request on Jan 6th and received an general email saying “Your case is currently being adjudicated.You should receive a notice of action with 45 days”.

In this case, can you please let me know on what can be done to expedite the EAD process?. Can I speak to senator to get his help at this point in time with the expedite SR still open?.


Hi @prajks