H4 EAD pending after RFE for color photo - Was filed with H1B premium

We applied for H1B, H4 And H4 EAD extension in March, where H1B and H4 was approved, but got RFE on H4 EAD asking for color photos, we immediately sent them the color photos.

Then case status changed to “Response To USCIS’ Request For Evidence Was Received”, but after that we did not receive any response.

We tried following up and created a service request after 60 days, but we’re asked to wait until 90 days, later after 90 days we couldn’t open service request, so we called them up and we’re asked to wait next 30 days.

And I recently received new job, but my work visa will expire by Aug 14th. Please advise how we can follow up with USCIS.

And one more info, all three applications were applied with H1B premium process.

Waiting for your response!!

There is nothing that you can do at this point except to wait. USCIS is pretty strict with processing times these days.

They do not raise service request unless your case is out of normal processing time.
For your information, even though you filed all 3 in Premium, only H1B is counted as premium application.

H4 and H4 EAD are MOSTLY processed in same premium timeline as a COURTESY. There is no guarantee though.

Since your H4 EAD had RFE, USCIS has probably now moved your H4-EAD processing to regular processing.
Today, they are processing H4-EAD applications received on or before Feb 5, 2018.

Current H4-EAD processing time:

What you can do is try to file an H4 EAD application ‘Expedite’ request.

NOTE: USCIS may or may not approve your expedite request.

Thanks a lot for the info Anil!! Will try this option too.