H4 -EAD or continue working on H1

I am in the 5th year of H1B. My employer informed me that they will not be able to sponsor my GC. My H1 expiry date is Aug 2021. So I need PERM filed no later than Aug 2020.

Should I switch to H4-EAD? Then go back on H1 when I can find employer who can do both H1 and GC. How much H1 time will the new employer get? Will it be until Aug 2021 or remainder months of H1 from the time H4 EAD status is active.

Given current uncertainty with H4 EAD should I switch to H4 EAD or continue working on H1?

Hi @gj2019

I suggest to continue working on H1B and find an employer who can sponsor your GC.