H4 EAD maximum working time after termination?

Hi Anil

With the current time estimation for future rule, will it be valid to say someone who get H4 EAD approved today will have Min 16 to Max 22 months of Working time

10 months (OMB Process) + Transition time (6-12 Months) before its revoked.

1 month to OMB
8-9 Month after OMB

Can they give ZERO transition time also ? (As they had given quite a bit of transition with TPS EAD’s)

Your thoughts pls….

With new DHS update, it seems DHS is planning to stop existing H4 EAD as well…at-least the language sounds like that.
But, the widespread expectation is that they will let the existing H4EADs to run through their validity and will stop renewals.

Only time will tell what happens. We check the news daily and update above. Stay tuned.