H4 EAD lawsuit vs Filing H1b in premium

Hi Anil,

My H4 EAD is going to expire in about 75 days.
I have filed for H4 & EAD renewal in January, still Biometrics appointment not scheduled. My employer agreed to file for H1b, but said premium processing fee will need to be paid by me, if I choose it.
So, now I am wondering if it is better to join a H4 EAD lawsuit spending the about the same amount, which has higher chance of approval than H1b and I get to keep my flexibility to look for new job opportunities. Wanted to get your opinion on this scenario.

Also, the class action lawsuit filed by AILA last month on the same matter, would it cover everybody waiting for renewal. Is there a timeline for USCIS to respond to the lawsuit?

Thank you in advance.