H4 EAD extension with old employer i140, H1B changed job


My wife’s h4 ead is valid until feb 2019. I am on h1b and had I-140 approved, but i just changed my employer and have not started the green card process with new employer.

Can my wife apply for h4 EAD extension even though i don’t have I-140 approved with current employer or should i use the same I-140 application details which was approved with last employer.

Also she can apply only 120 days prior to her EAD or 180 days?

H4 EAD renewal using Old employer i140

You can use old employer’s i140 to get H4 EAD renewed, if you stayed with old employer for at-least 180 days after it’s approval.

Apply H4 EAD renewal 180 days before expiry

You can apply for EAD renewal before 180 of current H4 EAD expiry date.