H4 EAD extension supporting documents


Hi Anil,

If I am applying for my H4 extension (I-539 ext) and H4-EAD extension (I-765 ext), do I need to send in the same supporting documents that I sent during my initial application for H4 and H4-EAD once again?

This time the only change is I am applying for both the extensions along with my wife who is applying for her H1B extension under premium?

Thank you!

(Anil Gupta) #2

Yes, you would need pretty much the same set of documents.

You can see the documents required for H4 EAD here.


thank you, Anil.

one last question:


i applied for my initial H4 and initial H4 EAD before my H-1B expired (expiry date: Nov 30th, 2018) and finally received my H4 on 1/22/19 and H4 EAD on 2/21/19.

from the picture attached, my last i94 says admit until date: 12/10/2018.

based on all this info, i did not overstay in the US right? just wanted to confirm!

(Anil Gupta) #4

If you filed your H4 and H1B extension before the i94 expiry, which looks like you did, you did not overstay. You are allowed to stay in US if your application is pending with USCIS at the time of i94 expiry.