H4 EAD Expedite request denied because no biometrics data on the record

I filed both H4 and H4 EAD concurrently and got receipt notices on Dec. 2, 2019. Done the biometrics on Dec. 31and I539 case status updated to fingerprints done.

I submitted an expedite request this week and then received an email saying the request is denied because of no biometrics data on record.

I was even not able to submit my supporting documents. I don’t think I need another biometrics right?

My Biometrics fee is paid with I539. Called USCIS and no help.

Did anyone experience this before? I have accepted a job offer and it’s expiring in two weeks. Please advise what should I do.

Much appreciated.

What was the response from USCIS when you called?

Did you fill correct information on form i765 for your H4 EAD?

I’m kind of on the same boat. Applied for both h4 and h4 ead at the same time, I received the biometric appointment but unfortunately because of the covid situation my appointment got canceled and after few days I received notice from uscis that they will be using the previously taken biometrics. And the status of H4 application changed to fingerprints were already taken.

I raised expedite request recently and that got denied saying we’re still waiting for your biometrics to be taken.

I raised second expedite request stating about the uscis notice that I already received about biometrics already taken, latest case status is that “ your request to have your case expedited referral number was completed”.

Waiting for email or mail response.

The tier 2 rep told me any i765 requires biometrics and they can not use biometrics from i539. So I called again and made the second request. I’m waiting for the response now. The form should be correct.

Thanks for sharing. I submitted the second request on Monday and still waiting for their response. The case status is still ‘Case received’. Where did you see the updated status? Can you please share your timeline?

12/02/2019 case received for i539 and i765
12/31/2019 done biometrics for i539
07/07/2020 first expedite request
07/09/2020 first expedite request denied because no biometrics data on file
07/13/2020 second expedite request

I am also in a similar situation. My biometrics appointment was canceled due to COVID 19. Later I got an online update that my fingerprints have been applied to my case and, on May 30, I received a reuse notice. Then I expedited my case based on the reuse notice through senator and congressman. Both got rejected on the ground that reuse is not applicable to the I 539 form currently. I haven’t tried to expedite through uscis yet.
This gives me a ray of hope. Let’s hope some positive news come out soon. Please share their email response here. Thanks.

Did you get any response for your second expedite request?

I received an email from USCIS asking for supporting documents on July 17. I submitted it on the same day. Now waiting…

Thanks for your response. Hope you will get approval soon.

My EAD status changed to new card being produced.

Mine was approved on July 24th. Tried congressman and Ombudsman. Hope you guys get approval soon!

have you got your EAD approved yet since your expedite request was approved on July 24?