H4 EAD denied due to wrong category selected in i765 application?

H4 EAD application denied due to wrong category

Our EAD was denied because we selected the wrong category. The correct one is C(26) as we figured it now.

We got this result after 5 months of waiting!

Can we re-apply or appeal and still can be considered with the same timeline?
Or applying again is the only option and we re-enter the #usa:h4-ead waiting queue.

Well, the denial is based on your mistake and not USCIS.

Appealing their decision is not going to help as they did not make any mistake in their analysis.

Basically, the category you choose does not qualify you for EAd and hence your application has been denied.

I would suggest to re-apply with fresh i-765 form and correct category based on your H4 status and documents.
Unfortunately, each new application is re-entered in the #usa:h4-ead queue as and when it is received unless it is an RFE.

So, you will have to wait again for your turn to come.
Also, as early as possible because H4 EAD work authorization may just be withdrawn soon.