H4 EAD Biometrics received - H1B in RFE

Hello Team,

We applied for H1b extension(along with H4,H4 EAD) in premium processing on 4/3.
And got H1 RFE on 4/10. Today 4/12, we received communication about H4 Biometric appointment.

My questions :
(1) Will H1 also receive Biometric appointment schedule?
(2) I understood that H1b premium processing clock(15 days) starts again after RFE response in received by USCIS.
Would the H4,H4 EAD approvals follow the same timeline?
Takes more time than 15 days to get these approved. Please suggest.

Thank you!


There is no biometric requirement for H1B cases at this time. H1b will be processed separately than your H4 and H4 EAD application.

There is no guarantee that H4 and H4 EAD will be processed in premium timeline. It is always just a courtesy extended by USCIS.

Also, H4 will probably be not approved until H1B is approved as it is a dependent petition.

Thank you Anil.

One more question on Biometrics Appointment Schedule.
All our extension documents have our employer’s address(New Jersey) though we live in a different state. So my biometrics appointment is scheduled in New Jersey.

Any options to reschedule this appt in our state? & would that cause delay in the approval? Please suggest.

Thank you

You can ask for re-scheduling of biometric appointment and it will delay your H4 approval.