H4 EAD approval time after Expedite Request approved for hardship


I applied for my wife’s H4 extension and H4 EAD renewal along with my H1 extension. Below are the dates:

10/31/2019 - Applied H1 B (Premium Processing), H4 extension and H4 EAD renewal
11/05/2019 - Received RFE on H1B
11/20/2019 - H4 Biometric Appointment
11/21/2019 - Replied to RFE (with little hope that they would approve all of them together)
11/25/2019 - H1 B approved

Her current EAD was expiring on 01/19/2020 so we went ahead with applying EAD expedite request. First tried through Senator/Congressman. Later through USCIS live representative on 01/09/2020 on both I-539 and I-765.

01/13/2020 - Received email to submit documents to prove hardship from USCIS
01/13/2020 - Replied to the email with proofs
01/15/2020 - Expedite Request Approved (I-765), Expedite Request Recevied (I-539)

Also received email from Congressman’s office on 01/14/2020, that to the inquiry they sent to USCIS, they received reply that my expedite request was approved.

Now how long might USCIS take to take a decision and when can we actually start following up to get status? Planning to approach Congressman’s office to get follow up in 2 weeks time.


Hi @Sumanth45

USCIS can take anywhere from 10 to 30 days to approve your EAD after EAD expedite request approval.

Can you share the documents you sent as a proof of hardship? This will help other people in the same boat.

We sent following documents:

  1. My medical report as I was under going shoulder rehab.
  2. Medical certification for my mother-in-law. Letter provided by doctor in India.
  3. Her pay stub that shows we have our medical insurance through her.
  4. Letter of recommendation from her employer.


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Thanks @Sumanth45

I appreciate your response.

Hi, any news about your ead?

Hi @Sumanth45

How long did it take for EAD to get approved after expedite request was approved?
My expedite was approved on 02/04/20 but still there is no response on EAD processing status.