H4 EAD approval time after Expedite Request approved for hardship


I applied for my wife’s H4 extension and H4 EAD renewal along with my H1 extension. Below are the dates:

10/31/2019 - Applied H1 B (Premium Processing), H4 extension and H4 EAD renewal
11/05/2019 - Received RFE on H1B
11/20/2019 - H4 Biometric Appointment
11/21/2019 - Replied to RFE (with little hope that they would approve all of them together)
11/25/2019 - H1 B approved

Her current EAD was expiring on 01/19/2020 so we went ahead with applying EAD expedite request. First tried through Senator/Congressman. Later through USCIS live representative on 01/09/2020 on both I-539 and I-765.

01/13/2020 - Received email to submit documents to prove hardship from USCIS
01/13/2020 - Replied to the email with proofs
01/15/2020 - Expedite Request Approved (I-765), Expedite Request Recevied (I-539)

Also received email from Congressman’s office on 01/14/2020, that to the inquiry they sent to USCIS, they received reply that my expedite request was approved.

Now how long might USCIS take to take a decision and when can we actually start following up to get status? Planning to approach Congressman’s office to get follow up in 2 weeks time.


Hi @Sumanth45

USCIS can take anywhere from 10 to 30 days to approve your EAD after EAD expedite request approval.

Can you share the documents you sent as a proof of hardship? This will help other people in the same boat.

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We sent following documents:

  1. My medical report as I was under going shoulder rehab.
  2. Medical certification for my mother-in-law. Letter provided by doctor in India.
  3. Her pay stub that shows we have our medical insurance through her.
  4. Letter of recommendation from her employer.


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Thanks @Sumanth45

I appreciate your response.

Hi, any news about your ead?

Hi @Sumanth45

How long did it take for EAD to get approved after expedite request was approved?
My expedite was approved on 02/04/20 but still there is no response on EAD processing status.

Any update on your EAD?

So yes, we did get approval. It took all in all 7 weeks. Once expedite request was approved it took 3 weeks to get card. We got the card first and the approval receipts later.

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Hi Anil ,

I got my H4 EAD expedite approval on 22nd April 2020 . Its been more than 3 weeks and USICS is yet to approve my EAD . Its a standalone EAD application which was raised at the start of April 2020 , I had my H4 I-94 approval until Aug 2022.

Now my husbands new company attorney filled another H4 + H4EAD application concurrent filling to ensure that based on H1 transfer approval my H4 and EAD are also extended until April 2023 .
The problem is all USICS offices are closed for Biometrics until 4th June 2020 .

Do you think the second set of application filled by my husbands attorney company is slowing down the expedited approval of my standalone H4 EAD application ?


Hello Sumanth,

What about the status update in the USCIS site? Does it change to new cards being processed? Or without change in the status, you have directly received the card in the mail? Please tell me in detail.

My EAD expedite request was approved on Jun 30. It’s been 10 days now. Still the status says, expedite request approved.

My H4 EAD expedite request was approved on July 21, and still waiting for my EAD approval. It has been exactly 10 days today. Not sure if my case is truly being expedited. Mine is with CSC

You probably have received your EAD, right?


Yes we did receive our EAD card. 2 weeks after expedite request was approved our status was updates that card was in production. 3 days later it was mailed and 2-3 days after that we received it.

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Hi , did you receive the card?
Even my EAD expedite request was approved on August 10th and no news so far.
Just to understand texas service center timeline when did you get ead ?

No I haven’t got mine yet. My expedite approval was on July 21

Send from my IPhone

Did you try to contact USCIS? What do they say ?

Yes I contacted them several times in the past two weeks. The most recent response it said. It has been 10 days after this email. I am trying not to hold my breath.

"On 08/04/2020, you or your representative contacted USCIS concerning your I-539 to notify us that you were requesting an expedited review of your case. Below is a summary of what we found and how the issue has been or may be resolved.

Your case is currently being adjudicated. You should receive a notice of action* within 45-60 days."

I am getting the same response from Texas service center. Just hoping to get it soon. I would loose my employment by 22 August if I still do not get it.

Incase you get any update can you let us know so we get an idea how long it takes.
If I get I will definitely post

Hi, I am in same boat if i don’t get my H4 EAD in 1 month i am going to loose my job .I applied the Expedite request for my H4 EAD & H4 but both got rejected .

I mentioned financial loss for my family and i am the responsible to pay monthly mortagage EMI.

Let us know what is the reason you mentioned for Expedite request so we get an idea