H4 EAD approval notice is not received but card is pending

Hi Anil,

My wife’s H4 EAD was approved in May, 2019, and she also got her H4 EAD card , and started working in private organization.

However, We have not received her I-765 approved notice yet, USCIS sent it second time as UPS returned it back to USCIS due to some deliver issues in first attempt. It is now three weeks , and we are still waiting for approval notice.

As per employment concern, we understand she can work as she already received her EAD CARD.

In worst case, if she doesn’t receive her I-765 approval notice, will it create any issue in her future or employment status, is there any way to track the approval notice or escalate it with USCIS.

Please suggest.

Hi @manoj9k

H4 EAD card itself the approval notice. Don’t worry. You are fine.

Thanks you. Also for her next extension filling would EAD card details sufficient enough for providing latest approval details ??

Hi @manoj9k

The current EAD card copy is good enough to apply renewal or extention next time.

Hi @Anil_Gupta, in case we need duplicate approval notice for I-765 form, can we use I-824 to request duplicate form, i noticed I-824 mainly used for I-797 duplicate approval, not sure if we could use it for I-765, can you please suggest ?

Why do you need duplicate approval notice? I765 approval is called I766 which is nothing but the EAD card.

isn’t i765 approval notice is different document then EAD Card, like I797 approval notice.
for future extensions and record purposes, i worry we should have both EAD Card,
as well last approval notice which is I765.

You will only need the EAD card for the extension approval.