H4-EAD - Apply SSN again if I already have one?

Hi Anil,

Hope you are doing great sir. I arrived recently in US on H4 visa and wish to apply for a new H4-EAD so have below questions,

  1. For my H4 status proof, should I simply use my i94 arrival record from ‘I94 - Official Website’?
  2. I already have SSN based on my previous stay, so I still need to apply for new one?
  3. Do I need to provide all previous i797s of my spouse or only the latest one is required?
  4. Do I need to notarize the marriage certificate?

Thank you!

Hi @Neel9999

Complete list of documents and sample H4 EAD form is available here.

Notary is not required.
SSN should only be applied once in your life. You already have one. Don’t apply again.

Thanks Anil.

Can you please let me know if it is safe to apply for EAD while my individual H1B petition is also ongoing? Or can I ask USCIS to stop my H4EAD process if H1B gets approved?

You can file for withdrawal of H4 EAD once your H1B application has been approved.

Thanks Anil, this is really helpful to know.

On a different note, since I already have A-number through an approved i140 so should I mention that in H4-EAD form i765? If yes then should I also include my i140 as supporting document to justify A-number? Not sure if that may confuse the adjudicator?

Hi @Neel9999

You should write an A number on I765 form if you have one. No need to give the i140 tough as a proof.

Thank you Anil.

I recently came on H4 from India after visa stamping so I have a valid visa and i94 so can you pls let me know if I need to got for biometrics again here to apply for H4-EAD only.

Hi @Neel9999
Standalone H4 EAD application does not need Biometric.