H4 EAD application while initial H4 is still pending

Hi, team. Could you please help with the below situation? Thank you very much in advance. The initial H4 cos and H1b were filled together and H1b just get approved and the H4 application is still pending (case received by USCIS). We didn’t know we can submit H1b+H4 and H4 EAD together so we didn’t do the concurrent filling. I think I have to submit a standalone H4 EAD application. Now, my questions are 1. Can I submit the H4 EAD application when my H4 has not yet been approved? 2. If so, what should I use to show my H4 status? I only have the receipt number and of course, no H4 I94. I only have the latest I94 as F1. 3. Do I need to biometric prior to the application? Or that’s something I will do it later?

Thank you so so much!