H4 duplicate application concern

My husband was with a company A where his H1B was approved till 2024. The company A had applied for my H4 but was still in process (1st application). My husband switched to company B. Now company B also applied for my H4 again (2nd application). Fortunately the old application with company A was approved. But the company B applied application shows still in process.

  1. What will happen to the 2nd application? As 2nd is the latest one, will the 1st one become invalid? Or 2nd one will get rejected?
  2. Can I travel to India once the travel ban is lifted using my 1st approved H4 or should I wait till the result of the 2nd application?

Your 2nd application will get processed as the basis of application was a new H1B with another employer.

You should be able to travel to India however any pending application with USCIS will be deemed abandoned by USCIS and may be denied. This should not impact your current H4 status though. Of course you will need a valid H4 visa to enter back to the US.

No the H1B wasn’t new . It was a H1 transfer from company A to B. So does the answer holds good for this case too?

Thats what I mean by new, the H1B from employer B.

The latest i-94 holds valid till a new one is issued. In your case, you have an i-94 from companyA which is valid till you get any other i-94 with a different date. If your petitions, if any, are rejected in the future, it wont impact your current i-94 validity.