H4 dependents first time stamping & H1B transfer of principal applicant at same time

Employee X is currently in USA, working for employer A on H1B & got offer from employer B. Soon, employer B will file H1B transfer. X will strictly join employer B only after H1B transfer is approved. Family members of X are still in home country, never had any stampings in past. X also wants to apply for dependents H4 stamping using petition/I-797 received via Employer A.

  1. Is it OK to only use Employer A documents/I-797 for dependents first time H4 stamping as X is still working for Employer A.
  2. Will H4 stamping application have any adverse impact on H1B transfer application?
  3. Will H1B transfer have any adverse impact of H4 stamping application?

You can apply H4 visa stamping using Employer A documents.

The best option is to get the stamping done while you are still working with Employer A.

Thanks…So point 1 & 3 are good. Can you please answer point 2
2. Will H4 stamping process have any adverse impact on H1B transfer application?

Why do you think it will have any adverse effect? You are not doing anything wrong.

I don’t feel it is wrong…Just wanted to get confirmation/expert opinion