H4 Dependents Extension Problem

Hello Anil,

My current H1B i797 approval notice is till 31Dec2020.
H4 dependents (spouse+toddler) , their extension was filed on March2020 and they got their receipt numbers ( Yet to receive Biometrics details). Their extension applications went to California Service Center and its current processing time on the USCIS website shows 10 to 13 months.

I will be moving to different state with my current employer for a new project and H1B amendment cum extension will be filed soon.
What happens if I don’t get any decision to the H4 dependents current visa extension that has already been filed. Their i94 expired on 10April2020 and 240 days grace period ends on 10Dec2020.

1 - Can they file an amendment to the existing H4 extension or file a new H4 extension with me ?
2.Do I need to wait to see if I get my H1B extension approved by Nov2020 in regular processing and immediately file their extension ?
3.Do I convert my H1B extension into premium by Nov2020 and then file their H4 extension?
4.Lastly, is there any provision to convert H4 extension into premium once premium processing resumes as I already have the i797 approval notice till Dec2020 ?

Really worried and confused , request to please help and advise.

Thanks and Regards !

You can either wait for current H4 Extension result or file a new one along with your H1B amendment.

There is no H4 premium processing available.

Thanks a ton Anil.
However, if I file a new H4 extension based on my H1B amendment , will they again get 240 days grace period ??
What happens if I change my employer in this period , in that case can H4 applicant have 3 applications with USCIS ?? Is it possible ?

  1. Application for current H4 extension

  2. Application for new H4 extension with my H1B amendment and

  3. Last one , if filed by my new employer ??

If I file a new H4 extension , then again will their 240 days clock start ?
Kindly help with your feedback please

I suggest to use the app here: