H4 COS, H4 EAD pending - Can I apply for H1B PERM and I140 in 6th year?


I am in H1b visa.
In Oct 2018 I will complete 6 years.

H4 COS and H4 EAD pending

I applied for COS, H4 EAD in Dec 12th 2018.
How long will be the processing time for this case?

Apply for PERM and I140 in 6th year?

Shall I apply for PERM and Labor processing still.

EAD for how many years they will give.


H4 EAD processing time

You can check the current H4-EAD processing times on the first post on top here based on your receipt number.

Another thing to note is that your H4-EAD application would not be approved until your change-of-status is approved first.

You can check the change of status application processing time here.

Processing times are updated regularly.

File H1B Green Card PERM and I140

I would strongly suggest to file H1B PERM and labor as H4-EAD is most probably going to be withdrawn soon.
At this time, they are approving new H4-EAD though.

H4-EAD, if approved, is valid for whole of your H4 visa term i.e. the H4-EAD end date is matched with your H4-visa end date.

Let me know if you need more information.

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