H4 biometrics is pending and want to travel to india

Hi, I am an FT employee and recently there was internal transfer of my H1b happened and it got approved till 2024. We have applied for h4 and EAD at the same but still waiting for biometric appointment. Can any one answer my questions below.

  1. Can my h4 holders travel to India and come with old stamping( As they have valid visa stamped on passport till June 2021)?
  2. After traveling to India if my biometric appointment notice comes and my h4 don’t attend then?
  3. My h4 already have a valid stamping can we still book Dropbox appointment or inperson appointment at US consulate in India and go for stamping with my new i797?

Thank you in advance

Are there any biometrics appointment

Hi Anil ,
Just to give you background of my case.
-> Right now I am in US on my approved extension H1B visa (I797A) till Apr 2023. H4 extension of stay was filed for my dependents as well in July 2020 .However , they have not received any biometrics notice nor approval yet .
–> In Sept 2020 , due to medical emergency my wife along with kid (4 years- Indian citizen) had to travel India .
-> Currently they are in India and my organization has booked dropbox appointment for H4 stamping based on my H1B approval . Dropbox appointment is scheduled on Feb 09th , 2021.
–> During our 1st stamping in Mumbai consulate , my kid biometric was not taken …He was 2 years that time.
–> Could you please let me know if the dropbox process will be smooth or do you see any issue to get their H4 visa stamped.

Hi Mayur,

Is the Visa processed?

Did your wife get the biometrics appointment here …or when a drop box appointment is scheduled we need to give the biometrics in that appointment?