H4 approved, pending EAD. Different service centers for H4 and EAD

Hello Anil,

My H4 extension got approved today ( 03/13/20). Service center was Nebraska for H4. But my EAD is still pending and service center is Vermont for EAD. Do I need to send H4 approval notice to Vermont service center to get my EAD approved?
How long does it take to get EAD approved after H4 approval?

Thanks in advance !!

There is no need to send H4 approval to Vermont center. The USCIS officer will check the status of H4 himself as and when they start working on your H4 EAD case.

Hello Anil,

Thank you so much for the information!

When can I expect H4 -EAD to be approved?
Vermont service center and receipt date is 11/15/2019



I don’t share individual case estimates. You can check the general EAD processing time here.

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Hello Anil,

Do you have any idea if USCIS is still processing H4 EAD?
My EAD application is still pending with Vermont service center. Receipt date is 11/15/2019.

Thanks for your help!

They are processing H4 EAD.

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Hello Anil,

Do you know if anyone got the EAD approved from Vermont service center?
It’s been more than 7 months still My EAD is pending. Receipt date is November 15, 2019.

Now USCIS website shows the Receipt date for case inquiry as December 12, 2019 but system is not letting me raise a new service request as I have already raised two requests before also.

Could you please guide me how I can expedite my EAD application?

Thank you so much for your help!!

Here is the process to raise EAD expedite request.

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