H4 and EAD Updates?

I am transferring to a new company.
My spouse has H4 and EAD that is valid till Sept 2024. Do I have to file any application for the change of status corresponding to my H1-B?
If we are traveling to India for stamping, would this pose any issues?

I am curious because H4 is linked to H1 from old employer on her H4. What happens during stamping? Please help!!

You don’t need to file for your spouse H4 extension and EAD renewal.

No issues. H4 is independent of any employer. Your spouse can carry her H4 I-797 to stamping along with other H4 documents.

As I mentioned, H4 is independent of the employer, it is rather a derivative of primary H1B and so as far as the H1B is in valid status, H4 is considered in status with a valid H4 I-94.

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