H4 and EAD concurrent filing vermont center - No response from USCIS

I did H4 and EAD concurrent filing vermont center on 04 Oct 2018 and till date no response. Raised SR last week. Any help is appreciated

Was it H4 Change of status or H4 extension?

My H1 is getting maxed out mid of April 2019 and hence i applied for H4 and EAD concurrent via my spouse’s 140.

Ok…so your H4 COS application needs to be approved first and H4 COS is currently taking 12+ months at Vermont service center.

oh vow. My attorney kinda said it may get approved sooner:(

H4 COS can get approved sooner too. The processing time that I shared is average time.

Some applications get approved faster and some slower.

The better and faster option is to travel outside USA and get H4 Visa stamped. Then, re-enter and file H4 EAD again. You will get H4 EAD within 3-4 months in this case.

My EAD got approved in exactly 177 days now.

Wow…congratulations. It took a bit longer than normal time though.

Not really longer time. It’s COs plus Ead concurrent filing and Vermont center

Question to u.

COs is not reflected yet but card is under production and mailed. So which one to be considered the latest document for employment continuation ?

Wait for the COS approval as that will be the only legal confirmation with status printed on i94.

ok, many ppl in forum say that these days ead comes first then cos gets reflected. Is that true?

Yes, USCIS is approving H4 EAD first these days.
The chances are high that H4 approval is on the way too.

Got both now.

A quick question. If I am going tocontinue with the same employer but the difference is now I am not under their H1 anymore , does this call for a rehire kinda employment? How is the payroll impacted, meaning do they have to provide me a new employment letter and benefits set up!

No change in payroll but your Employer may file a new I-9 form.