H4 ad H4 EAD extension with H1b Transfer to new employer

I am in a situation where my H1B Extension after I140 approval is approved till 2024 but the H4 extension filed is still pending with USCIS. The initial H4 EAD was approved till Sept,2021. Now i have to apply H4 EAD extension as well.
I have an offer from Employer B to file H1b Transfer , H4 and H4EAD extension.
What happens to the pending H4 and H4EAD(if i apply when i am still with Employer A) if i decide to file only the H1B transfer now. SInce H4 extension is already filed, will i receive an RFE if my employer changes and will it impact the H4 EAD extension which i file still with Employer A.
Thank You in advance for your advice.

Please refer the below link.