H1b - YTD taxes low any RFE or Rejections?

I am currently working on H1B visa with company “A”. Recently, company A noticed that they were running pay statements on wrong subsidiary “B”. They filed a new H1B NTO (Notify the office) petition and after it got approved, they requested me to travel out of country and come back to activate that H1B. Now I got 3 pay stubs with correct company “A” where Cleary YTD are too low as Fed and state taxes restarted from zero.
Now, I accepted another offer from company “C”. when company “C” files for my H1B transfer,

  1. What is the probability of getting RFE because of YTD taxes being low? any update on similar cases that you experienced before if YTD taxes are too low and application got rejected or RFE or approved?
  2. Does this have nay effect of H4 in future?

As far as your wages are in-line with the DOL standards for the H1B job, taxes do not matter.


@Kalpesh_Dalwadi Thank you so much for reply. Have you anytime experienced RFEs because of this reason or similar cases? Just curious

Do I need to inform this anytime to Consulate in DS160 in future as immigration violation? I appreciate your help on this