H1b Visa to F1/F2 for PHD

Hello, I am currently on H1 visa valid till 2022. In case I want to enroll in Ph.D. do I have to get F1 visa and will I get another OPT after course completion? And will I again have to go through H1?

Also from H1 can I go to F2 as a dependant for my wife who will be on F1 and apply for a Ph.D. as F1 later on?

Thank you.

Hi @Mansoor_Taj

It is your choice to convert to F1 based on the full time or part time nature of your studies.

You can study while staying on H1b visa too.

You can get one more period of OPT if this new study is one level above your current education qualification.

You can convert from H1B to F2 and apply F1.