H1B Visa Stamping working from home - use previous petition number to fill DS160?

Hi Anil,

I am on H1B and planning to travel to India next month.

I used to work for Citibank from Delaware location and the H1B for this location is valid till March 2022.

But, in the month of March my contract with Citibank was over and i started to work for a new client from Raleigh, NC for which i have a new H1B amendment approved and due to pandemic i am working from Delaware only for the new client.

I will be working from Delaware for the new client in NC atleast until June 2021.

Now, while filling the DS160 for stamping, my Immigration team is asking me to use the petition number from previous H1B (which is still valid)instead of the petition number from the latest Amendment as i have not moved to the new location yet.

So, please let me know if it is fine to use the previous petition number in DS160 instead of using the petition number from the latest H1B Amendment approval? Please advice.

Thank you!

Its a big risk.

What will you say if visa officer asks for the current client that you are working for?

Have you filed an amendment to work from Delaware? Is your Delaware address mentioned on H1B as work location address?

If not, then we strongly suggest to file an amendment for home address as work location. Also, do not travel as its a big risk.

You might get stuck in India if they issue form 221g.