H1B Visa approved H4 Dependent Denied - Nunc Pro Tunc application for minor H4

Initially I had applied H1B and 2 dependent (Spouse and Child) H4 Visa extension.
H1 B visa extension got approved in premium processing in Jan and after that recently my spouse traveled back from India with valid H4 visa stamping and she having valid I-94 till the same as my(H1-B) I-94 expiration date. But recently my wife I-539 (H4) application case was denied with reason due to H-4 the requested non immigrant extension date was not match as per H1-B visa I-94 approved expiration date.
and in Decision letter they mention both Applicant(s) name Primary Spouse and minor child name as well.
Question -

  1. As my child I-539 case number different and it still showing in progress - “Case Was Received” status. So do I needs submit and Nunc Pro Tunc Application to correct as per primary non applicant (H1B) visa holder date? Or do I have to wait for their decision in case of minor H4 I-539 case ?
  2. As my spouse having valid I-94 as she reenter with valid H4 visa, but still do I have to take action of these I-539N decision?

When did you file the H4 applications? Did you file it while your dependents were outside USA?

I have filed H1-B and two H4 visa extensions all together on Jan 25th and within week I had received H1-B visa extension approval. When I had filed H1B + H4 extension both dependents in USA only. My wife alone went back to India in first week of March and came back immediately and she having I-94 with same expatriation date (same as H1B I-94 expiration date).
I-539N denied decision letter came on 06/07 and in this letter mentioned only my wife case number and NOT my daughter case number.whose case is still showing pending - “Case Was Received”.

You can ignore the H4 extension if your wife’s new i94 matches your current H1B validity date.

Your child’s application should reach its own result.

Thank you Anil for your response. So as of now I have to ignore my spouse case result and in case of my child pending case status I have wait until it’s status get updated online and base upon I have to take action?