H1B Visa Approved but online status shows Administrative Processing

After the H1B Visa interview, Visa officer took my passport and told me yesterday that my visa is approved and I will get the passport in 2-3 days.

I just checked my status online and it says: Administrative Processing

Location: Delhi, India.

Any idea what could be the reason behind ‘administrative processing’?
I did NOT receive any form 221g or any other document whatsoever.

Why is it in ‘Administrative processing’ then?

Don’t worry.
Administrative processing’ is the normal status.

Location verification - Administrative processing

Many times, US embassy will not issue form 221(g) just because they do not need any documents from you.

But, they can still send your application back to USCIS in USA for US work location verification.

In this case, your application status will show as ‘Administrative Processing’ even though the visa officer told you ‘VISA APPROVED’.

If your visa was approved and they did not give you any form 221(g), then you can expect a response/ passport within 3-7 days.

No need to worry here.

H4 dependent Visa Approved online, Passport Issued, H1B still in Administrative processing

It is also possible that with NO Form 221 (g) was issued and Visa officer told you ‘Visa Approved’.

Your dependent’s H4 gets approved but your own H1B visa status shows as ‘Administrative Processing’ online.

This generally happens when US embassy is just verifying primary H1B’s credentials a little bit more or have sent H1B’s application to USCIS to confirm some more information.
One of them could be ‘Work Location’.

No need to worry, you will get your H1B approved.
Remember, H4 cannot exist without H1B. If H4 has already been approved, your H1B is also on the way. Just a couple of more days to wait!

Hi All,

I have attended the H1B Visa interview on 30-Oct-2018 in Mumbai and VO said the visa is approved. I did not get any forms from the VO. I still haven’t received my passport and the status is “Administrative Processing” . I was working on my OPT with my employer. Its been more than 7 days now

Is there any suggested action? Should I contact support or play the waiting game? I had my flight scheduled for 13th November and I am not sure if I will be able to get my passport by that time.

Thanks a lot in advance for help.

Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do except waiting at this time.
‘Admin processing’ with Visa approved usually take about 7-10 working days to finish.

You should expect your passport soon. Calculate the working days to get an estimate.