H1B visa after 5 year ban in re-entry

Hi ,

I tried to reenter USA in March 2017 after my short trip to India, and my H1B got rejected along with 5 year ban on reentry to USA.

What are the chances that I get H1B if I reapply after 5 year ban. PLease help me regarding this.My Daughter is US Citizen and I want her to continue her education there.

What is the reason for re-entry ban? Why was it given to you?

Did you try entering with some other visa than H1B? Did you violate any visa status?

I went on H1B , but my client has terminated my job way before entering USA. But I went there thinking I still hold H1B and I can go and search job with them.

That’s the reason. I have visa questionnaire, and I can attach that …Please help

Did you have a valid H1B stamped visa at the time of entering USA?

Did you show a fake client letter at the port of entry? What exactly happened at the port of entry interview? Please share details to help you with any meaningful answer.

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