H1B transfer within 180 days of I-140 approval and H1B Extension

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  1. If at the time of H1B transfer, it’s been 3 months since my I-140 has been approved, will the USCIS revoke my I-140 or nothing will happen to my I-140?

PS: I’m not talking about my previous employer revoking my H1B.

  1. Can I transfer my H1B within 180 days before the H1B is due for extension, can I apply for H1B transfer, H1B extension together?


USCIS does not revoke i140

USCIS does not revoke i140 on their own. They do it only on the request of the employer who holds that i140.

Apply H1B Transfer within 180 days of expiry

Yes, you can apply for H1B transfer anytime.

Each transfer application is also an extension application automatically as the new employer would request for 3 year H1B term.

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