H1B transfer while another transfer is pending

I have a Visa from Company A approved with i94 till Feb 2020.
Switched my employer to Employer B this March on receipt. The transfer got RFE for degree evaluation and employer employee relation ( work location is at client site) . Client letter and credential evaluation reports along with employer tax documents were provided, yet to hear back from USCIS, case is still pending.
Employer A has not yet revoked my Visa.

Now I have 2 prospective employers who are offering me full time jobs. One of them is doing background checks. The other employer mentioned that they cant transfer my visa till my existing transfer is approved.
Is it true that I need the transfer has to approve before moving on?
Is it a good idea to upgrade that pending case to premium?
What if it is rejected? Can i go back to employer A (whom I left 4 months ago, but visa is still not revoked)
Please advise.

You can file multiple H1B transfer and then choose to join anyone that you like after approval.

Since your i94 is still valid, the result of one transfer will not affect other.

You should always file H1B transfer in premium, get approval in 15 days and then join.

You can go back to employer A if they have not withdrawn their H1B.

More scenarios and information:

Thanks a lot for your response.

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