H1b transfer when coming back to employer A

I am currently working in Company A. I am in process of H1b transfer to company B. H1b validity is with company A is till 2022 and I-94 is also valid.

Below is my question(s)-
Company A don’t know that I have applied for Company B H1. Is it possible that I can work for both employers at the same time for couple of weeks and once settled in company B then resign from Company A?


This situation has been clarified here:

I read that article, please see below and help me. Thanks in advance!

If employer B is asking to join on receipt and employer A don’t have project so there is a fear of layoff anytime then what best can be done in this situation?

if a candidate joins employer B and leaves employer A with an understanding that if employer A gets project within few weeks then he can rejoin employer A & resign employer B, Is this a possibility?

Does employer A needs to report to USCIS within certain number of days that employee is no longer with company?

Every Employer is supposed to inform USCIS but many consulting companies do not do it. Its their choice.

Thanks for your response!

  1. Do you see any issue if joining company A before revoking h1b by them?
  2. Is there any guideline from USCIS that with in certain number of days they should be informed? What is that number of days limit?

Your answers will be appreciated!

Thank you!