H1B Transfer to a different company but working for the same client


My employer has filed an extension and it’s been approved recently, so now i have an offer from one of my prime vendors (within the same client) with the same client (but not my current prime vendor though). Will it be an issue if i opt for this transfer, keeping in mind USCIS has not yet brought back transfer premium processing.

My current scenario:

My employer ->My Prime Vendor -> End Client (Current Situation)

Also, my current i94 will expire in the month of May 2019 (not the approved one but the already existing one)

Job offer:

Primer Vendor (Different prime vendor at the same client location) -> End client (Same end client as my current)

Hope it’s clear and any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Your new i94 should be the one that should be active now after H1B extension approval.

You can file H1B transfer and my suggestion is to file before your i94 expires.

Excellent thanks Anil for the prompt reply. Will surely start the process ASAP.

So what happens if i transfer to the new employer and my old employer revokes my H1B and then my transfer gets denied , since there is no transfer premium processing ?

You are out of status on H1B transfer denial if your old employer has already withdrawn your approved H1B.

Oh Shoot :frowning: Even i heard the same and now i’m little skeptical of opting for a transfer.

So won’t there be any grace period or no chance for me to transfer or apply H1B through another company ? Also have you see any cases of denials in such transfers ?

There is no grace period after denial. You will have to leave US immediately.

It is better that you wait for H1B transfer approval before joining new employer if you want to play safe.

Understood , but whats H1B transfer approval ? Once my new employer initiates my H1B transfer, i think my old employer will get to know or my current prime vendor would inform him about the transfer and then he will surely revoke my H1B correct ?

Sorry for all these questions :slight_smile:

That is something nobody can help you with.

Thanks Anil for all the answers :slight_smile: Appreciate your help.

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