H1B Transfer Premium Processing Clock Stopped - USCIS sent notice


My new employer filed my H1 transfer in premium on 06/16.

USCIS status shows Premium processing clock Stopped

In USCIS site I could see the status as - “We stopped the 15-day premium processing clock for your case”.
Read the notice we mailed you for more information about why we stopped the clock and instructions on the next steps you must take

Question : What does that mean ? Is this RFE ? - I checked with my attorney and they said they didn’t get any notice from USCIS. Please advise.

Hi @mackkevin08

Yes, it most probably means an RFE.

I said most probably as it can only be confirmed once the notice from USCIS is received by your employer’s attorney and they can read and analyze the message.

USCIS would have provided all the details in the notice letter.

If not received yet, your attorney will receive it shortly on the address they have mentioned on the application.

In premium processing cases, normally things move pretty fast and attorney should have also received in an email regarding this.

When did you see this status? Today? How many days have passed since this status was updated on USCIS site?