H1B transfer - paystubs do not match salary on current petition

I am currently working with H-1B visa and planning to move to a new company.

I do not receive the same amount as mentioned on my H1B petition.
For example, the visa document says I am supposed to receive $4000 a month, but in fact, I receive only $2000 a month.

Is it going to be a problem while filling my H1B change of employer?

H1B salary mismatch on paper

Yes, it is a major problem if there is a difference in what is written in petition and what you really get.

Have you checked with your employer on how and why is he doing that?

Real Salary on H1B PayStubs - Tax

I am pretty sure that even though you receive less amount in your hand, your employer would be showing the real amount in it’s own accounting books, to keep himself in compliance of H1B rules.

If not, then they are also in danger of getting exposed.

You should talk to your employer’s attorney and they will be able to explain it provide you with real paystubs.

Do not risk your visa with unmatched paystubs. It is a big red flag.