H1B Transfer LCA during COVID-19 pandemic

Recently i got an offer and Fragomen is working on filing the H1B COE petition. The work location is MA but im currently residing in NJ. Due to COVID-19, I will be unable to move to MA now but planning to start working from home in NJ.

If H1B LCA location is MA, is it okay to start working from home in NJ? Has anyone come across similar situation? Or should i request the attorney to have both MA and NJ address in the LCA?

Please advise.

You cannot work remotely if your home work location is not mentioned on H1B LCA.

Thank you @Anil_Gupta for your response. I’m working with the law firm for this.

I have another question. If the house address is within 50 miles from the office address given in LCA, should an amendment still be filed with USCIS?

Did you read the articles? There is NO official 50 miles rule that i know of, as has been clearly clarified in the article.

Thank you @Anil_Gupta. Sorry for the delayed response. I worked with attorney in the past couple of days and made sure the LCA has the right address.

Hi @Anil_Gupta,

I am in City A, State A with H1B Visa. Due to a work assignment, my company has filed Amendment cum extension for a new client in City B, State B. We are awaiting USCIS decision. However, new client office is closed due to COVID 19 and they won’t be open soon (at least till Jan 2021) and we are asked to work remotely. During Amendment cum extension filing, LCA has only Work location of Client B. In this situation, I am not ready to relocate to City B, State B due to COVID 19 fears, office closure.

Is it ok if my residence address is still City A, State A and can I work from here till Jan 2021? Don’t want to run into compliance issues and if I am not supposed to work that long in my current residence City A, what options do I have since there is pending amendment cum extension with USCIS?

Really, appreciate your help on this so that I can check with my HR?