H1b transfer in progress and rehire by previous employer

Please advice me in the below issue.

  1. With Employer-A, original visa got expired on September 3rd, 2018,

  2. Extension filed by Employer-A and got approved on 9th Oct 2018, got approval till June 2021. But by then I had decided to leave and joined employer-B just after got the extension approval notice(did not receive the physical copy). Left Employer-A on 11th October,2018.

  3. Employer-B H1b transfer filed on regular, till now pending state. Joined Employer-B on October-15,2018.

  4. Employer-A wants to rehire me and they have offered me also.


  1. Since the earlier petition is revoked by Employer-A, is my I-94 still valid till June 2021?
  2. Can I join Employer-A by initiating new H1b transfer while Employer-B petition is progress?
  3. What will happen if Employer-B transfer petition gets RFE/denied? Will I loose the status? Do I have to go back to India?
  4. Can Employer-A wait till premium opens and file it in premium instead of regular and if luckily if I get the petition approved, can I join Employer-A? in this case what happens to Employer-B petition?

Please suggest the best case for me.

Are you sure that employer A has withdrawn your H1B?

If not, then you can simply go back and start working for them as their H1B was already approved for 3 years.

Yes, I confirmed it from my previous employer, it is revoked.
The reason they explained is, now a days every employer are trying to maintain their H1,H4 list upto date otherwise they may go into audit problem. So as soon as the employee leaves the organization, they revoke it.

Old employer has to file H1B transfer - old i94 is valid

Old i94 that you received after h1B extension approval with old employer should be valid as you joined new employer after your extension approval date.

Join Old Employer again with H1B transfer receipt

Since our i94 is valid with an extension, you can join your old employer based on your H1B transfer receipt.

Employer B transfer is denied

If Employer B’s transfer is denied, you are still safe as you joined them after your got new i94.