H1b Transfer Help (COS filed)

Hello! I was hoping to get some help/guidance on my situation. Here is my timeline

  1. June 20 - Got laid off after working for 8 years
  2. August 10 - Last paycheck received from my employer (severance)
  3. August 14 - Filed H4 COS through spouse (received date on my notice)
  4. August 15 - Notice date on my receipt for COS
  5. September 10 - Got an offer from a company
  6. September 12 - Offer rescinded as the company’s attorney told hiring manager that my case seems too complicated and potentially might not start until summer of next year
  7. September 17- Got an offer from another company (their immigration team is the same as the my previous employer)
  8. September 20 - Started onboarding but have not had a conversation with the immigration team yet.

I was wondering if someone can guide on what my next steps would look like? Now that premium processing has resumed, will mine be a straight forward change of employer or am I looking at an RFE or approval with consular processing?

Just wanted to best prepare myself for the next steps to come. Thanks a lot!

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