H1B transfer filed only for 1 year when 4 yr left in H1B quota

(Anonymous) #1

Hi Anil,

Please advise - prospective employer which is full time applied for 1 year validity of visa in H1B transfer (when there is around 4 years left on it if you include extension and my current employer’s visa is also valid 11 months more than what prospective filed for). They are not consultancy so confused that the transfer application would be applied for such a short duration of working period.

Any idea why they would file for 1 year H1B period instead of 3 years? Is there some standard procedure followed as such when filing for H1B transfer? They asked for my maximum duration and I shared that with the company/lawyers already. Company is reputed and has sufficient work.


(Anil Gupta) #2

I have no idea why they only filed for 1 year H1B. Why would they pay the same fees and not request full 3 year employment authorization?

You should talk to their attorney and ask why they have done so. I have not heard of any such case before.