H1B transfer denied

I have an MBA from a top tire b school in the US. I used up the OPT that comes with it (B-School was not stem eligible). I had a H1B from my prior stay in the US which my employer tried to transfer. It was initiated before OPT expired but I had to go on loss of work leave while I waited the result. Ultimately the transfer was denied (a few days back). I am yet to receive the physical receipt explaining the reason.

What are my options?

  1. Can I apply for other jobs?
  2. Can I apply for Day 1 CPT?
  3. How long can I stay in this country?

Due to the COVID situation, I am not ok moving my family through flights. I am not sure how long before the situation gets better. What are my options if I am willing to wait here even without employment?

What is your current status? Has your i94 expired?

My I94 says D/S. And my opt expired about 45 days back when on the day my transfer was received by USCIS.

This means your i94 has expired as OPT already ended.

Read the options here for H1B denial.

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