H1b transfer denied, filed new LCA i94 still valid

My H1B transfer got denied on Oct 25, 2019. My employer filed a new LCA on Oct 24, 2019 itself as a backup option (due to level 1 wages/specialty occupation denial) with a start date in LCA as Oct 25, 2019.

  • The LCA is certified today Nov 1, 2019 and our attorney is filing the new H1B petition with different client on Monday Nov 4, 2019. We are yet to receive the hard copy of denial notice from USCIS.
  • Attorney says that I can wait for the receipt notice so that I can start working for their another client without leaving US as I have I-94 until Aug 2020, also they say that we are yet to receive the denial notice.

Couple of my friends had similar issues and they refiled a new H1B petition without leaving US.

Please suggest/advice accuracy if someone had faced similar situation.

Is this i94 from your past H1B approval?

As per my information, you should either go back to work for old Employer or leave US. You cannot start work for same employer as its H1B has already been denied once.

Thanks so much for your response Anil. Yes, I94 and visa stamping is until Aug 2020 from past H1B approval. Attorney says we can apply for 2nd petition as we still haven’t received the denial hard copy. They say if it is approved mostly comes without I 94 so I might have to cross border to get the I 94 updated. Few folks did it very recently.
We are expecting our kid next week and my wife is also on H1B.
If I may have to leave US how many days max can I stay after we receive hard copy of denial notice as pregnancy is due in about 2 weeks. Please advice.