H1B transfer and extension same time

Hi Guys,
My I94 is getting expire on 13 Jan 2019 and currently my current employer A filed an extension, I recently got an offer from B and they also filed my h1B transfer in premium process and it got approved.

  1. Employer B filed my visa transfer before my i94 expire, does my new petition come with attached I94 ?

  2. is it possible if employer B filed transfer before I94, new petition will miss I94 or it always come with I94?

  3. is there any impact on h4 transfer, A filed h4 extension and same time before i94 expire employer B filed the h4 extension, as h4 processing is normal these days due to biometric.
    If I join employer B , can H4 stay in USA after i94 expire ? Until the h4 transfer in process ?
    If Current employer withdraw my h1B and h4 extension, do h4 need to go back to home country ??


Your H1B transfer should be approved with new i94 if it was filed before your current i94 expiry.

I am not sure if you have written the correct i94 date above. Is it 2019 or 2020?

Your H4 extention will also be approved and no need to go out.

Thanks Anil, i94 expiration date is 13 Jan 2019 and h1B transfer filed before i94 expiration date which also got approved and as you mentioned it will come with new I94.

So that means I don’t need to worry for H4 as she can stay in USA until her h4 transfer got approved.


H4 can stay in US as long as the H4 extention was filed before i94 expiry and until it reaches a decision.