H1B transfer after lottery application approved with consular processing

Hi Anil,
I am working with employer A and my H1 visa is approved in consular notification with this employer but I have not gone for stamping to my hometown yet .i.e. I am still not on H1 visa.
Is H1 transfer to employer B is possible in this situation?

Hi @Anonymous14

Legally, you can apply H1b transfer but chances of its approval are low with current USCIS scrutiny.

USCIS is sending RFEs to prove current H1B status before approving H1B transfer. You can prove status only if you have already been on H1B status.


Need some insights for the below scenario.
I am planning to apply H1 under Consular processing for my dependent wife who’s working in H4 EAD. Once the H1 is approved under Consular processing, it will not be active until we got outside US and get the stamping.

Can we do H1 transfer to a different employer and change of status {H4 to H1) at the same time while in US ? To avoid the stamping process outside US.

Hi @friendlyshiva

Please read my answer above.