H1b to H4 EAD and then convert back to H1B again without lottery?

My case:

  1. I have worked on H1B in USA
  2. I am now applying for H4 EAD based on my spouse’s H1B and I140.

My question:
1 Can I convert back to H1B if required in future?
2. If yes, will I have to go through the H1B lottery again?

  1. Yes, you can convert back to H1B anytime in future.
  2. If you still have time left in your previous H1B, then you can use it to file for ‘Cap exempt’ H1B.
    2A If you have already exhausted all the time (total 6 years) available for H1B, then you can’t. In this case, you will have to go through the fresh H1B lottery.


What happens to the H1B when we move to H4? Does it get revoked by employer? if so can we still use it in the future as cap exempt and move to H1B? Can this H1B be used by any other employer as well in the future to do the COS?

My wifes H1B got picked in the lottery and we are trying to see if we can move back to H4 (after this H1B is approved) without losing the H1b so we can use it in the future.