H1b to H4 COS filling online

Hi Anil,

I am planning to file H4 COS online from H1B. I refer to you blog, and found the following statement -

Can Form i539 be filled online?

Currently, you can file I-539 online only if you are filing for yourself and want to extend your B-1, B-2, F-1, F-2, H-4, M-1, or M-2 status.

If you need to change your status like changing from H1B to H4, you need to file a paper form.

Please clarify, H1B to H4 COS only for me - I can file online, right?

Hi @jitu

I do not understand your confusion here. It clearly says that H1B to H4 COS cannot file online.

Hi Anil,
My wife just applied for a H1B to H4 COS online and also got a receipt number. I had read your advice and I am a little confused on how USCIS allowed the submission to be done online. Your advice is usually quite solid and I was wondering if this one piece is outdated. I just want to make sure there USCIS does not come back later asking for a paper submission. Do you think that is possible?

Hi @truckerboy

I would check again and it is possible that USCIS has opened the filing of COS online now.

They keep adding new options.

I just verified, H4 COS is now allowed to be filed online.

I am not sure when did they changed it. I will update the page.

Thanks for your information. I appreciate it.

Question … what did you choose for current status. I don’t see H1B in drop down. It’s either H1B1, H1B2, H1B3, H1B4, H1B5, H1BS. What is right option to pick

what did you finally choose for current status?

I didn’t start yet. Waiting for some guidance

I was able to select H1B when I did the form online in OCT2020.