H1B stamping with i797C (Courtesy Copy)

Hello, I am trying to travel to India and get my first time H1B stamping with my third employer. My first H1 was issued in October 2020 and since then i have changed employers two times.

The most recent employer mentioned , they only received i797C (Consular Copy) and suggested I take my previous approval copies with me for stamping. I do not have the i797A associated with the most recent employer , can I still go for visa stamping?

Hi Rachna - Were you able to get your stamping using consular copy? I am also in the same boat and your reply would be very helpful. Thanks in advance!

Hi @warrior812 - Were you able to get it stamped ? I am in the same stage as you were. Thank you,

Hey guys. Were you able to get your stamping done with the I797C courtesy copy? Thanks in advance!