H1B stamping through dropbox

Hi Anil,

I dropped my papers on feb5th and I got mail from embassy asking to appear for in person interview. My passport is still with embassy and mail didn’t mention any specific documents to be carried. They mentioned please carry all supporting documents. Is this considered to be 221(g) and why my passport is kept with them. I heard they generally give passport back with some slip. Please advise what to do now.

This is not 221g though!
In this case, you would need to appear for the interview with I797 etc, you should carry the print out of the email too, so that you are allowed inside. Visa Officer may ask basic questions related to your employment etc, if everything goes well then VO will inform you that your visa is approved, if VO is not satisfied then they may issue 221g and return passport.

Very well answered @Sumit21acc .