H1B stamping renewal in Mexico when initial h1b stamp in Canada

Hi All,

H1B visa stamping in Tijuana US consulate

I work in Los Angeles and want to do Visa stamping at US-consulate-Tijuana.

I got my first H-1 stamp in Canada and before that F1 stamp in Home country.

Now I have 1 year left on H1B till July 2019.
Currently I have H1b Visa valid form Feb 2017 – July 2019 which is on Approval Notice I-797 with recent I-94 which is valid for same time.

My PERM PWD application just started, somewhat critical

Reason to visit Tijuana US Consulate and not home Country for Stamping?

I don’t have any business plan visit to Mexico which i feel weak point in stamping …what answer should be correct for why you came to Tijuana-Mexico and not India?

In my situation, Does Tijuana Consulate allow H1B stamping renewal if the earlier H1B Visa issuing post is not in home country?

Also any other thing you feel as negative point or want to share.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Sachin_JSD

Apply H1B visa stamp renewal in Tijuana, Mexico when Initial Stamping done in Canada

Yes, you can apply for H1B stamp renewal in Tijuana, Mexico.

Some references to help you:

  1. https://mx.usembassy.gov/visas/petition-based-employment/renewals/
  2. Nonimmigrants in the United States–Applying for Visas in Canada or Mexico

Visa officer question: Reason to visit Mexico?

You can answer visiting for ‘pleasure’ as your reason.
Visiting for both ‘Business and Pleasure’ is allowed while you also get your visa stamp renewed.

Here is the screen shot from travel.state.gov website:

Thanks Anil Sir,

Will update as I plan my trip …Have a Nice day

Dear Anil Sir,
My H1b extension applied ~15 march 2019 alongwith H4EAD normal processing.

am waiting for Uscis approval still…website showing error when I type receipt number …I called their number type receipt number there …it says this number not available …liver person wait time 30 -40 min and no luck yet… can you estimate when is approval possible based on your study.

want to visit india after long time …PP thinking as last option