H1b stamping after 221g

I was issued 221g (yellow)at home country stating need of I129 and other client details, since my earlier project was over a month ago, my company isn’t going to answer 221G. Instead they are filing amendment as my next project i got is in house.
My company applied for amendment to H1b also cause of job location change. I am currently at my home country waiting for amendment to get approved.

  1. Can I go for stamping after amendment is approved without answering 221G?
  2. company is not going to answer 221g will that impact my visa interview?
  3. what need to be done to get successful H1b Stamping done?

You can apply for a new H1B visa stamp even after 221g if you have an approved amendment.

Thanks Anil. Do you think earlier pending application which shows under administrative process will impact? Will they ask why I didn’t respond to 221G?

Generally, they do not ask for clarification as they know that the Employer may not have responded if the documents were requested from Employer.

You are allowed to file a new visa application if you have a new approved H1B.

But, you should be prepared to answer any questions that may be asked about 221g by visa officer.

Hi Anil
i have another question. Is it important to close previous case before scheduling new interview?
Can I do it or company attorney have to do it?


You can schedule a new interview appointment anytime irrespective of previous pending application.

Hi Anil,
Thanks. I have additional question. Now my employer is saying that they will answer 221G.
Is it advisable to answer 221G. The old petition (EAC#123) on which I got 221G is now amended and is approved with new petition (EAC#345). Is it adivisable to do answer 221G on old petition with Project details(which is inhouse)? or go for interview on new amended petition.

Sorry my question wasn’t clear.
Is it advisable to answer 221G on old petition with project details of new petition?
Or is it advisable to go for interview for new petition.


I think it is better to go for new interview with amended approved petition.