H1B Specialty Occupation RFE - Will Get Professor Evaluation help?

Hi Anil,
I did B.E in Electricals engineering and have 10 yrs IT professional exp.

I got specialty occupation RFE, for that I need to get work experience evaluation equated to computer science.

When I contacted Trusteforte they are suggesting to get Professor based evaluation which is 5 times more expensive than work evaluation.

Do you think it will be useful to get professor based?

I strongly recommend professor based evaluation as that’s the best way to answer the specialty occupation RFE.

Do not think about money as this RFE has very high chance of denial if not responded correctly.

I got specialty occupation RFE(premium) for my extension with my current employer who applied in different job code then earlier. He is preparing documentation to reply RFE and also preparing for next h1 filing if my RFE not approved.

i also have a offer from my vendor who is interested to transfer my h1 with better pay with (EVC model)

Note 1: End client is same for both (current employer and vendor)
Note 2 : my I94 expiring 10/03

please advice me which is the best option.

1.) reply RFE and make ready to file next h1 filing with better job code with current employer
2.) reply RFE and immediately file h1 transfer with vendor

3.) is it possible if can both, one as extention + amendment and other one transfer + amendment


The best option depends on your choice. All options that you have listed can be done.